Hay hombres que luchan un día y son buenos
Hay otros que luchan un año y son mejores
Hay quienes luchan muchos años y son muy buenos
Pero hay los que luchan toda la vida
Esos so los imprescindibles
(Bertold Brecht)

"something" by the beatles

sábado, 18 de octubre de 2008

Kat Deluna - 9 Lives 2007

1.9 Lives (Intro)
2.Run the Show - (Spanish, with Shaka Dee)
3.Am I Dreaming
4.Whine Up - (Spanish, with Elephant Man)
5.Feel What I Feel
6.Love, Leave Me
7.In the End
8.Love Confusion
10.Be Remembered - (with Shaka Dee)
11.Enjoy Saying Goodbye
12.Whine up (Espanol) - (Bonus Track, with Elephant Man)
13.Como un Sueno (Am I Dreaming en Espanol) - (Spanish, Bonus Track)
14.Run the Show (En Espanol) - (Bonus Track)

Inner Circle - Back To the Bone

1. Sweat (A La La La La Long)
2. Shock Out Jamaican Style
3. Bad To The Bone
4. Rock With You
5. Long Time (Selassie A Warn Yu)
6. Hey Love
7. Slow It Down
8. Living It Up
9. Stuck In The Middle
10. Looking For A Better Way
11. Wrapped Up In Your Love
12. Bad Boys13 Party Party
14. Sunglasses At Nite
15. Tears Down These Walls
16. Down By The River
17. Hold On To The Ridim
18. Why You Gwan So

Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory 2000

2.One Step Closer
3.With You
4.Points of Authority
7.By Myself
8.In the End
9.Place For My Head, A
11.Cure For the Itch
12.Pushing Me Away

Bon Jovi - Crossroads 1994

1.Livin' On a Prayer
2.Keep the Faith
3.Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
5.Wanted Dead or Alive
6.Lay Your Hands On Me
7.You Give Love a Bad Name
8.Bed of Roses
9.Blaze of Glory
10.Prayer 94
11.Bad Medicine
12.I'Ll Be There For You
13.In and Out of Love



Simple Plan - Simple Plan 2008

1.When I'm Gone
2.Take My Hand
3.End, The
4.Your Love Is a Lie
5.Save You
7.Time to Say Goodbye
8.I Can Wait Forever
9.Holding On
10.No Love
11.What If

Simple Plan - No Pads No Helmets...Just Balls 2002

1.I'd Do Anything
2.Worst Day Ever, The
3.You Don't Mean Anything
4.I'm Just a Kid
5.When I'm With You
6.Meet You There
8.My Alien
9.God Must Hate Me
10.I Won't Be There
11.One Day
13.Grow Up - (bonus track)

Simple Plan - Still Not Getting Any... 2004

1.Shut up!
2.Welcome to My Life
3.Perfect World
4.Thank You
5.Me Against the World

jueves, 9 de octubre de 2008

Yellowcard - Paper Walls 2007

1.Takedown, The
3.Shrink the World
5.Light up the Sky
6.Shadows and Regrets
7.Five Becomes Four
9.Date Line (I Am Gone)
10.Dear Bobbie
11.You and Me and One Spotlight
12.Cut Me, Mick
13.Paper Walls

Yelowwcard - Lights and Sounds 2006

1.There Flights Up
2.Lights and Sounds
3.Down on My Head
4.Sure Thing Falling
5.City of Devils
6.Rough Landing, Holly
7.Two Weeks From Twenty
8.Waiting Game
9.Martin Sheen or JFK
11.Word, Hands, Hearts
12.How I Go
13.Holly Wood Died

Yellowcard - Where We Stand 1999

1.Lesson Learned
2.Time Will Tell
4.April 20th
5.Up Hill Both Ways
7.Doesn't Matter
8.Sorry Try Again
9.Anywhere But Here
10.On the Brink

Yellowcard - One For The Kids 2001

3.Something of Value
6.Big Apple Heartbreak
8.October Nights
9.Rock Star Landjavascript:void(0)
10.For Pete's Sake
11.A.W.O.L. I

Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue 2003

1.Way Away
3.Ocean Avenue
4.Empty Apartment
5.Life of a Salesman
6.Only One
7.Miles Apart
9.View From Heaven
10.Inside Out
12.One Year, Six Months
13.Back Home

14-something of value (acoustic version)
15-rough draft (acoustic version)

Bonus Track

Yellowcard - Midget Tossing 1997

01-2 quarts
05-Up hill both ways
06-Me first
07-for the longest time
08-get off the couch

Yellowcard - Live @ Warped Tour In Toronto 2003

Big Apple Heartbreak
For Petes Sake
Way Away
Ocean Avenue
October Nights

Yellowcard - Video, Rareties, Singles, Lives & EP's

VA- Less Than Jake Ltd. Tour EP

-Yellowcard - Hey Mike

VA - Punk Goes Acoustic

-Yellowcard - Firewater Acoustic

VA - Punk Goes Pop

-Yellowcard - Everywhere (Michelle Branch Cover)

Yellowcard @ Pepsi Smash 2003 (VIDEO)

Yellowcard - Rare Acoustic Tracks

-Yellowcard - Avondale Acoustic
-Yellowcard - Way Away Acoustic

Yellowcard - Rough Draft Cd Single

-Yellowcard-Rough Draft
-Yellowcard-Rough Draft (acoustic)

Yellowcard - Still Standing EP

-Yellowcard-Rock Star Land
-Yellowcard-Millennium Changed
-Yellowcard-Radio Song Girl

Yellowcard - The Underdog EP

-Yellowcard- Underdog
-Yellowcard- Avondale
-Yellowcard- Finish Line
-Yellowcard- Powder
-yellowcard- Rocket

sábado, 4 de octubre de 2008

Arrival & Fonarev feat. Lika Star - Kazantip 2007 New Remixes

01. Kazantip 2007 (Melodica Radio Mix)
02. Kazantip 2007 (Sean Tyas Remix)
03. Kazantip 2007 (Bobina Vox Remix)
04. Kazantip 2007 (Tenthu feat. Elvenfox Remix)
05. Kazantip 2007 (Sergey Tkachev Remix)
06. Kazantip 2007 (M. Pravda Progressive Remix)
07. Kazantip 2007 (Vadim Zhukov Remix)
08. Kazantip 2007 (Anton Chernikov Remix)
09. Kazantip 2007 (Melodica Chillout Mix)
10. Kazantip (Original)

Part 1

Part 2

Spring Break Dance Party 2008 [2CDs] [2008]


01 Samim - Heater 03:04
02 David Guetta feat. Cozi - Baby When The Light 03:25
03 Peter Gelderblom - Waiting For 03:29
04 Freakadelika - Just Freakin´ 03:28
05 Red Sakura - Take Me Home Tonight 05:42
06 Rushroom feat. Fara - Better Off Aone 03:22
07 The Shapeshifters - New Day 03:24
08 Commercial Club Crew - La Luna 03:14
09 Brisby & Jingles - When You Say Nothing At All 02:35
10 Cuba Club - La Cumbia 03:09
11 Commercial Club Crew - La luna 03:29
12 Rocco & Bass T - Tell Me When 03:35
13 Gorgeous X - Last Night 03:26
14 DJ Gollum feat. Felix - Fairytale Gone Bad 03:25
15 Clubbticket - I Believe In Love 03:22
16 Tba - Ti Sento 05:56
17 O-Jay-Kay vs. DJ Schwede - Diana 03:37
18 Kindervater feat. Nadja - Everytime You Need Me 02:53
19 Alan Master T. - People Hold On 03:15
20 Jill Razer - Apologize 04:57


01 Charly Lownoise & M. Theo - Wonderful Days 2008 03:32
02 Jan Wayne & Scarlet - Time Stood Still 03:35
03 Brooklyn Bounce - The Theme Recall 04:22
04 Paffendorf vs Real Booty Babes - Smile 2007 03:12
05 Ida Corr vs Fedde Le Grand - Let Me Think About It 02:33
06 Robyn feat. Kleerup - With Every Heart Beat 03:18
07 Crew 7 - Money For Nothing 03:12
08 Ivory - Ghostbusters 02:55
09 Mario Lopez - You Came 03:46
10 CJ Stone - Be Loved 03:34
11 Tom Le Mont feat. Starship - We Built This City 03:44
12 The Hitmen - Side By Side 03:11
13 Refresh - A Step Too Far 03:08
14 Cuba Club - Cuba 03:10
15 DJ Marco Polo - Inside To Outside 03:43
16 Jacky P - I Get It Real 03:27
17 Eric Smax - That´s It 03:54
18 Van Der Karsten - Beat The Drums 03:00
19 Booty Luv - Don´t Mess With My Man 02:56
20 German Groove Guards - Please Don´t Go 03:08

Part 1

Part 2

MOS Club Files Vol 3-2CD 2008


01.Bob Sinclar & Steve Edwards - 06:04
Together (Robbie Rivera Rmx)
02.The Disco Boys - Start All Over 05:30
Again (Fonzerelli Mix)
03.Backside Artists - Freed From 05:09
Desire (Massimo Nocito Mix)
04.Booty Luv - Some Kinda Rush 05:34
(Club Mix)
05.Tocadisco Feat. Chelonis R. 05:22
Jones - Shrine (Crookers Rmx)
06.Danzel - You Spin Me Round 05:12
(Like A Record) (Deck Raiders Rmx
07.Kindervater Feat. Nadja - 04:10
Everytime You Need Me (Sunloverz
08.Cj Stone - Be Loved 05:25
(Phunk Investigation Rmx)
09.Cooper & Cruchot - One Life 04:44
(Club Mix)
10.Nicolette - No Government 05:40
(TocadiscoÆs Lazy Days Rmx)
11.Marco Petralia Feat. Jimmie 05:32
Wilson - Come Back (Erick Decks &
12.Claude Vonstroke - The Whistler 05:21
(The Aston Shuffle Mix)
13.Vaca - Move Me 2008 05:17
(Original Mix)
14.Voltaxx & Lissat - House Music 05:32
(All Night Long) (Original Mix)
15.D.O.N.S. & Dbn Feat. Kadoc - 05:08
The Nighttrain (Jerry Ropero Rmx)


01.Club 7 - Everybody 05:13
(Move Around) (Original Mix)
02.Dirty South Feat. Rudy - Let It 05:29
Go (Original Mix)
03.Bodybangers - Famous (Mondo Rmx) 05:04
04.Comiccon - Luvstruck 04:39
(Original Mix)
05.Ian Carey Feat. Michelle 05:15
Shellers - Keep On Rising (Peter
06.Chanel - Dance 03:26
(Carl Ryden Club Mix)
07.Re-Fuge Feat. Nicole Tyler - So 04:57
Real (Big Room Mix)
08.Groove Phenomenon - Funky Radio 05:17
(Radio Ga Ga 2007) (Club Mix)
09.Niki Belucci - Get Up 05:26
(Chris Kaeser Rmx)
10.Dohr & Mangold Presenting The 03:25
Tanc - In Chicago (Long E-Dub)
11.Daniel Hoppe - Star 05:15
(Bodybangers Rmx)
12.Matty Menck & Terri B. - 04:47
Sunrize (Extended Mix)
13.Notus Feat. Sheena - Still In 05:08
Love (With You) (Tom Novy Rmx)
14.Plastik Funk - Irresistible 05:24
(Original Mix)
15.Yanou Feat. Mark Daviz - A Girl 05:23
Like You (S & H Project Rmx)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3